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Bradford at Night to deliver Purple Flag Accreditation for Bradford City Centre

Bradford at Night, in partnership with Bradford Council announce that work to achieve Purple Flag Accreditation has officially begun for the city centre.

The Purple Flag partnership, has officially begun work to deliver the first Purple Flag accreditation for Bradford City Centre. This recognition will highlight Bradford’s commitment to providing a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming experience by ensuring stakeholders and agencies deliver their pledge to implementing robust practices and policies to tackle challenges facing the evening and night-time economy.

Awarded by the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM), Purple Flag is an international standard for ensuring a town or city centre is set to provide a better destination for residents and visitors alike . Similar to the Blue Flag accreditation for beaches and Green Flag accreditation for parks and green spaces. If achieved, this status signifies excellence in managing the evening and nighttime economy and underscores Bradford’s dedication to maintaining standards in areas such as safety, cleanliness, and the overall visitor experience.

Making a significant milestone for the city, the Purple Flag initiative is driven by a collaborative effort involving local businesses, neighbourhood policing, city council representatives, and community organisations. Bradford at Night has played a pivotal role in coordinating these efforts and are now tasked to ensure that all criteria for the accreditation is met. As part of the accreditation process, Bradford will be required to demonstrate its ability to provide a diverse range of entertainment and cultural activities, fostering a nightlife that caters to all demographics.

The city has to also show its commitment to safety and wellbeing through effective public safety measures, adequate nighttime initiatives, and a well-maintained public spaces.

“This marks a turning point for Bradford, by no means does this mean Purple Flag is a done deal, the only way of being given the accreditation is a clear demonstration of commitment and action from all stakeholders involved. This project does not come without it’s challenges, critics and sheer determination. Purple Flag will not solve the problems facing the city centre, but its something that will support the efforts that businesses across the city centre have been working on for the past few years, and in some cases decades. It brings their determination to the forefront of a number of the main stakeholders agendas. Its about learning the international standard and taking that best practice to action by delivering with partners a framework that will continue to support the city and beyond for future years to come” said Elizabeth Murphy, Managing Director of Bradford at Night.

Bradford’s attainment of Purple Flag status is expected to support and enhance the city’s reputation as a destination committed to driving more engagement across the city’s high street and overall boosting the local economy. It also reaffirms Bradford’s status as a city that values the safety, enjoyment and satisfaction of its visitors. “Purple Flag often encourages towns and cities to use the straplines of “a better night out” or “an award winning night out”, realistically this is not something that is ever going to be achieved overnight or by just gaining this accreditation, its the ongoing works to put the infrastructure in place that is fit for purpose. We want the work going into the project to be known across the city centre, it’s about pulling together to put Bradford back on the map. Bradford is battling an age old argument that it needs to change, and we and our partners agree. Businesses and residents have had to tackle some challenges such as roadworks and transport links, however looking forward to some really positive plans upcoming for the year of culture, we could have a really fantastic cityscape that works how a city should do. It’s very much a team effort and that team is the whole of Bradford, not a select few!” Said a Bradford at Night Spokesperson.

The Purple Flag standard, launched in 2012, it allows members of the public to quickly identify town and city centres that offer an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable night out. As the governing body, ATCM (Association of Town & City Management) has set 5 core standards, against which accredited locations are measured, the policy envelope, wellbeing, movement, appeal and place. Bradford at Night is an organisation that is committed to fostering a, progressive, safe and culturally vibrant environment for social and cultural economies across the City of Bradford. With a clear objective to transform evening activities, the arts, and culture into more dynamic, inclusive, and safe experiences. With partnerships with several organisations, companies, governments, councils, local government agencies, cultural institutions, producers, artists, and communities.

"Purple flag for Bradford City Centre is a piece of the jigsaw that’s been missing, and it’s fantastic news that work has officially commenced to get the accreditation in place! Bradford is about to embark on what could be considered one of the most significant years in its history, a UK City of Culture! The Purple Flag Partnership brings together a wealth of expertise and knowledge from Bradford at Night, Bradford Council and Safer Bradford with unquestionable insights from other supporters all aiming to secure this award! It’s about empowering businesses and residents to start showing what Bradford is capable of." Said Alison Lowe, OBE, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime for West Yorkshire.

For more information, visit the Bradford at Night website and head to the Purple Flag page



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