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Who funds us?

Bradford at Night is an independent, membership led company run by an operational team supported by a Board of Directors who themselves are chosen to represent the local business community. The Board of Directors, all of whom are unpaid in their roles, are selected from the business community for the skills they offer. Nobody directly funds the organisation.

How do I become a member?

Membership is easy! Simply get in touch to arrange an appointment to discuss what your membership will look like. 

Our network has over 40 members and continues to grow as the UK's leading membership social economy organisation.

What quick fire projects have we done?

The list is HUGE! But here's a snapshot:

- Ask For Angela

- Walksafe

- Street Angels

- Training Delivery

- Hoteliers Group

- PubWatch

- Bradford at Night Charter

- Best Bar None 

- City Planning

What are the benefits?

We provide a means by which businesses and organisations have the power to raise their own concerns to address the priorities that matter to them, and to bring about positive improvements to the social and leisure economy that benefits the whole community.

A spirit of collaboration, sharing knowledge, pooling resources and benefiting from economies of scale can add value to each individual business as a whole. Whether its focus is attracting more visitors and encouraging customers to stay longer, or raising the standards of local services and facilities, action to deliver an agreed set of projects and services has the potential to transform an area through collective action.

Are we purely for businesses in BD1?

Absolutely not! 

Our membership is open to businesses across the district, we believe that all businesses should receive specialist support regardless of their location! 

Why should I become a member?

  • Enhances the image of the city for visiting customers and suppliers and creates an improved sense of wellbeing and pride in the area within which people work - potentially helping sales, increased leverage on supplier costs, improved productivity and improved retention of skilled people to the area. All of these factors potentially have a positive impact on business profitability.

  • There is also more flexibility and credibility to address issues of concern to other agencies, authorities and non-government organisations.

  • Businesses have a local voice on the future of the environment around and their opinions count.

  • We're able to create a more appealing and safer environment for the businesses and its employees.

Are we part of BID or the Council

No, we've been independent from Bradford BID since 2022 - we're a totally independent organisation. We are independently governed and operated as a separate entity. 

Are our directors paid?

Only our Executive and Managing Director's are paid, all our board voluntarily give their time to ensure the organisation continues to operate

Are projects just Bradford based?

Originally, Bradford at Night only delivered projects to the city of Bradford. However, as time has gone on and Bradford at Night has matured, more and more cities and towns across the UK are now commissioning us to deliver projects similar to those in Bradford.

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