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Street Angels

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The Street Angels provide care and practical help to people who are out enjoying the city’s nightlife. They patrol in teams of three or four and provide a listening ear to those who need to talk or provide support to the more vulnerable people they come across.

They provide a comforting and approachable presence, dealing with issues such as helping young girls get home safely following a night out with friends, or assisting and supporting someone who may have collapsed in the street or who may be ill in getting medical assistance.

Bradford Street Angels, set up in 2007, are part of a wider national network of Street Angels. The first team started in Halifax in 2005 and there are now more than 100 across the UK.

There are currently about 20 volunteers on their active list, but the team is actively searching for more so they can extend their patrols.

Anyone wanting to get involved in Bradford Street Angels or to find out more information, should contact the group through their Facebook page @BradfordStreetAngels.

Street Angels are also now members now of the new Bradford City Centre PubWatch and gave a presentation to members at their January meeting.

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