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THe charter

Bradford has become one of the UK first cities to create a charter!

Across Britain, late night venues pump billions into the economy, but many are still bouncing back from Covid and coping with the cost of living.

To counter this, Bradford has become one of the UK first cities to create a Night Charter aimed at making the centre a safer and more welcoming environment for evening visitors.

This initiative is the first of its kind in Yorkshire and has been funded from part of the £1.2 million grant given to West Yorkshire following a successful Home Office bid to the Safer Streets Fund.

The scheme is unique to Bradford and aims to put the city on the map as leading the way in the hospitality sector by making sure staff have the relevant training to support vulnerable customers and security to promote safety.

The charter includes zero tolerance of abusive language and behaviour, respect for everybody, the sharing of intelligence and information, encouraging people to use the Walk Safe app, training and 'Pride Beyond Our Door'.

This includes things like keeping the outside premises clean, tidy, and safe; protecting people both inside and outside the premises; advocating responsible drinking and being vigilant to unsafe situations when people leave the premises.

The Bradford at Night Charter follows the development of other schemes spearheaded by Bradford at Night including the introduction of the Walk Safe App.

It is free for people to download to identify Walk Safe-accredited venues, locate night marshals and street angels, and enable others to track their evenings out.

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