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We want everybody to share an ambitious vision for Bradford, and that doesn’t just mean the city centre! 

We’re here to create a vibrant and prosperous city along with it’s districts and neighbours that attracts increased footfall from both local people and visitors from elsewhere, so that all our businesses flourish and prosper. Whether people live or work in Bradford or are simply visiting, our goal is that they are motivated to stay for longer, spend more and return more frequently.

Keeping Bradford Safe

We work tirelessly behind the scenes to help shape a safe social economy across the city and its districts! In July 2023, Bradford at Night in partnership with Bradford District Police and other agencies such as Bradford Council, Night Marshalls and New Vision Bradford teamed up to provide a supportive and visible presence in the city called Operation Nocturnal.



We bring together every sector, including restaurants, hotels, pubs, nightclubs, and professional businesses, who collaborate to ensure Bradford’s social experience is second to none. In the face of negative views of the city, we remain focused on banging the drum for businesses and the work they’re doing for the city.


No city is complete without a night scene, and that is why we’re determined to encourage businesses to provide for the demand of Bradford. In doing so, our expert team are positioned to bring quality training such as Ask for Angela, Best Bar None, Regulatory Training, Marketing/PR support and much more to each and every member venue!


Giving each member a “seat at the table” – On becoming a member venue, you get something that everyone wants and needs…a seat at the table! We champion for those on the ground to have a voice in the decision making process for what impacts their trade, we provide that representation without any external influences!

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Did you know, we're bored of assumptions! 

Find out more about us and clear up all your questions by reading through our myth buster! 

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