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I am delighted to welcome you to Bradford at Night and would like you to join us on our journey to making our city the best it can be!
At Bradford at Night, we put the progress and development of Bradford's social economy centre of everything we do. We believe that a strong collaborative ethos combined with an excellent support network are the keys to the success of our mission. Our team are committed to providing excellent experiences both in and beyond the the city centre. We aim to grow creative, ambitious and a caring community  who will make unique contributions to the future of our city.

Bradford's journey is a long one, but it's also an exciting journey.

We believe collaboration is at the core of that journey in making Bradford a place it's meant to be! It enables business leaders to be supported and  encouraged, stimulated and inspired. The relationship between city and business is the key to unlocking the potential this great city has.


Bradford brings an exciting opportunity to transform the social economy for residents, business leaders and visitors - and Bradford at Night is prepared to support such an ethos! 

If you would like to chat or discuss how we can help you, please contact us today. You will be most welcome.


Elizabeth Murphy,

managing director

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