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Bradford at Night brings together the skills and experiences of local businesses, local authorities and other key partners – adding great value and benefits to the area through a range of initiatives.


Bradford at Night is an organisation that is committed to fostering a, progressive, safe and culturally vibrant environment for social and cultural economies across the City of Bradford.

Our objective is to transform nightlife, the arts, and culture into more dynamic, inclusive, and safe experiences. We actively work in partnership with several organisations, companies, governments, councils, local government agencies, cultural institutions, producers, artists, and communities.

Our field of expertise is strategic planning for what we refer to as the social and cultural economy, overnight audits, managing vulnerability risks, and tailored women's safety strategies. With a focus on safety, efficiency and compliance we help businesses and authorities achieve their goals.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Our managing director

"I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am to lead Bradford at Night and be part of this community. This is an organisation that brings together brilliant and committed people that are dedicated and passionate about the city.

Our work is seeing outstanding results across industries, and we're excited to invite you along to the next stage of our journey!"

Elizabeth M.

Elizabeth Murphy - Managing Director

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Business Networking

We bring business leaders, police, council officials and the community to create a collaborative network

training & support

Our expert team are on hand to provide members with training and support for their staff and business.

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We're banging the drum on improving the social & leisure economy for Bradford.

improving safety

Our team have been instrumental in retaining services such as Street Angels and increasing police presence across the city.

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